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This home has a complexity and a simplicity that launches it into a league of its own. It offers a unique bundling of architecture, creativity, tradition, opportunity, art, surprise and glamour. 

This French Provincial home is where Arlene resides and she has remodelled its interior architecture 3 times. It started off as a classical French Provincial home and ended up with its outer bones intact but its interior has been modernised and engineered to transform it from the ordinary into the extraordinary. It has a beautiful landscaped garden replete with lollipop trees and French square hedging. The environment of this home becomes a museum of the soul, an archive of its experiences, an elegant habitat that joins the atmosphere with a sense of the past while at the same time offering precise and decidedly contemporary comforts and designs within its very French design. The interior is ultra-modern with floating ceilings with feature bulkheads and cove lighting. Highlights include a custom made glass and wavy-edged wooden bar, huge library en suite with custom shelving and boardroom table, gym, water features,  stylised designer lamps,  ultramodern technology, art and sculptures all of which combine to give one a sort of breathy, understated but yet deep feeling of unquestionable sense of modern luxury without losing that whimsical feeling of living in the French provinces.

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