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Lou and Arlene Rottanburg have worked together for over 18 years. Lou, a lawyer, corporate financier and ex-Chairman of a JSE listed company, joined his wife Arlene several years ago. Arlene, a microbiologist with a medical background, has always been fascinated by property and started out 20 years ago by buying up Sectional Title developments and buildings, renovating them and letting them to corporates. When Lou left corporate, they teamed up to create a formidable company, Summersun Property Group, specialising in the construction of high end residences, finishing and furnishing them for clients, working an all genres from Millennium Modern to Neo Classical. When you study their work you will be transported into their astonishing world of innovative interior and exterior design and architecture.

Arlene’s studio, a member of the Group, specialises in interior architecture, interior design and décor that has been at the forefront of rethinking and reshaping the concept of luxury.  Her studio was born out of client demand for chic spaces and a new perspective on the old approach to interior design with the emphasis on a one stop design experience. From construction of custom pieces to scouring the globe for that 'must-have' piece to complete a look, Arlene covers the full gamut of the interior design and interior architecture world that creates for clients a completely new and refreshing emotional experience.

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