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This property is the best kept secret in Clifton. High up on the mountains with uninterrupted views of all four beaches in Clifton and mountain views of the Twelve Apostles as well as Chapman’s Peak and far away Bakoven, this unique residence resulted from the gutting and demolishing of an existing apartment. Using a palette of colours and materials that minimised contrasts while maintaining a discreet differentiation, Arlene blended the furniture pieces and architectural shell together. Everything is upholstered in natural hues and in materials whose uniformity ties the rooms together and visually expands the spaces.

Arlene took her inspiration from Giorgio Armani, the designer whose creations are at the same time classic and revolutionary. Arlene decided she needed to relax the normal structured interior and replace it with an eco-chic look, following Armani’s advice to the letter when he said, “In essence a house should not overwhelm the person living in it. The house must be lived.”

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