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The penthouse at 10° is perched high up with 360 degree views as far as the Magaliesburg on a clear day. Penthouse 10° has the look and feel of a modern contemporary home set in New York with the Sandton skyline instead of that of Manhattan but where you could walk barefoot in the Summer with wide open vistas and views. The brief for the interior was to create a contemporary, yet sophisticated interior utilising the concept of minimalism without any clutter. 

The furniture itself emulates the big designer names from abroad. Arlene had most of the furnishings manufactured using imported fabrics. Graciously appointed spaces and refined architectural details (hidden lighting, balustrading and recessed electric shutters) give this 2 level 4 bedroom penthouse a sense of grandeur and offer the perfect proportions for its urban location.

A neutral palette and a less is more approach to furniture and accessories give the space a cosmopolitan feel such that this penthouse could stand in one of so many cities in the world.

Its elegantly understated interior scheme channels a little bit of British restraint, seamless Italian chic and a grounding, contemporary earthiness with just the right ratio of panache and elegance to luxury and comfort.

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