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This home could easily classify amongst the world’s greatest. 
It has a complexity and a simplicity that launches it into a league of its own.
This boutique home offers a unique bundling of architecture, creativity, tradition, opportunity, art, surprise and glamour. It fosters an energising synergy that continually reinvents its suburban landscape.
Set on 4,000 square metres of secluded land in Hyde Park the residence measures nearly 1,300 square metres under cover. It is situated in a security boomed road and is in a sense its own private estate. 

For fifteen years Arlene Rottanburg has been involved with the architectural design concepts and she has worked with renowned architects and her team to extract the visions she has in her head and put them on paper in order to make them reality. This is a grand, majestic and stately edifice which has been transformed into an impressive and regal residence.

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